Digital fusion is an artist-led genre initiative, coined by the community of composers who make this style of music. This genre has existed for nearly 2 decades without a formal name, through online communities and netlabels.​

This genre is not meant to limit anyone’s creativity. It’s to give language and recognition to a thriving style of music, and an incredible community of composers who have supported each other’s musical development. And as with all language, it’s a work in progress.

If digital fusion resonates with you, you are welcome to label your music that way!


This page was written by aivi & surasshu, with contributions from, and gratitude towards, the following people:

♥ Blitz Lunar, and Chimeratio, who helped us launch the original webpage.

Hunter Van Brocklin

♥ Tobokegao, who curated the Digital Fusion Collection playlist, Renko and Radiax for their Japanese translation work, ZW Buckley for additional writing assistance.0

♥ The Maj7 Discord community, and everyone who joined in on the discussion on Twitter.

♥ All digital fusion musicians. Please keep making amazing music!

Last updated: February 14th, 2022