Many digital fusion artists began composing in the 90’s and 00’s.​

Music for consumer electronics (e.g. video game music, phone ringtones, keyboard demos), jazz and its evolutions (e.g. jazz fusion, smooth jazz), classical music, electronic music, and prog are considered to be common influences that initially helped many digital fusion musicians find camaraderie with each other.​​


In 2019, aivi & surasshu, who debuted on Ubiktune in 2013 and became known for their music from the cartoon series Steven Universe, initiated a discussion on Twitter among friends and colleagues. This led to a general consensus around the term digital fusion.​

In 2020, aivi & surasshu created an info website about digital fusion. (You are here!) Each artist featured on the Digital Fusion: Volume 1 and Volume 2 playlists consented to their work being associated with digital fusion.​​

2021 & Beyond

The term digital fusion has been adopted by artists and labels, used in game music award categories, and has hundreds of tagged albums on Bandcamp.

Maj7, a Discord server run by Blitz Lunar with its roots on IRC since 2010, saw a surge of new members, and has become a central community for digital fusion musicians and appreciators.